Materials: Canon and Versions

Christians and War

Should Adventists be involved in warfare? What is the church's position?

Ángel Manuel Rodríguez

Hermeneutics and Scripture in the Twenty-First Century

 The “Methods of Bible Study” document voted by the 1986 Annual Council, which affirms Scripture’s divine inspiration and authority, as well as how to study the Bible, is explained and contrasted with more recent critical approaches to biblical interpretation. The role of culture is also addressed.

Clinton Wahlen

Modern Versions and the King James Version

Is the KJV to be favored above all other Bible translations?

Biblical Research Institute

The E. G. White Counsel on Versions of the Bible

Did Ellen White use Bible translations other than the King James Version? This brief report by Arthur L. White, her grandson, answers the question.

Arthur L. White

The Gospel of Judas and Scripture

Some people suggest that the Gospel of Judas challenges Scripture. But does it paint a reliable picture of Jesus and supersede the biblical canon?

Ekkehardt Mueller

The Textus Receptus and Modern Bible Translations

Evaluation of the Textus Receptus as a Greek basis for bible translations. A contribution to the "KJV only debate" from an Adventist perspective.

Johannes Kovar

Which Version Can We Trust?[1]

Reviews the history of how the Bible was preserved, concluding with observations on modern English versions.

Arthur Ferch